Privacy Policy

Statement on the Protection and Collection of Personal Data and Their Use

The privacy of visitors and users is of particular importance to us. All personal information you provide on our website is securely stored, and we only collect data allowed by the Personal Data Protection Act and the Electronic Communications Act.

Brački kamen d.o.o. is committed to protecting users’ personal data by collecting only necessary and basic information required to fulfill our obligations. We inform users about the use of collected data and regularly provide them with the option to choose how their data is used, including the option to decide whether or not their name should be removed from marketing campaign lists. All user data is strictly kept confidential and only accessible to employees who require the information to perform their job duties. All employees of Brački kamen d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to privacy protection principles.

Types of personal data collected through the website

Brački kamen d.o.o. may collect the following personal data of website users through appropriate forms: name, surname, email, and telephone number when the user contacts Brački kamen d.o.o. support. Under no circumstances will this information be collected through channels not previously specified, even when they are available on the internet (email, chat, Facebook, etc.). If such information is received through any of the mentioned channels, Brački kamen d.o.o. will not use it for any purpose specified in the following section. Additionally, Brački kamen d.o.o. will not be responsible for the security or confidentiality of the mentioned data.

In all cases, data required through the website is necessary to provide optimal service to the user. If a user fails to provide the requested data, Brački kamen d.o.o. cannot guarantee that the provided information and services will fully meet the user’s needs.

How Brački kamen d.o.o. uses user’s personal data

Brački kamen d.o.o. processes user data for the following purposes: sending commercial information via email to inform them about new products, special offers, and news related to the website and/or Brački kamen d.o.o. company in general, newsletters. The mentioned commercial information pertains to products or services offered by Brački kamen d.o.o. and all partners or collaborators with whom the company has a sales promotion agreement among its customers. Under no circumstances will partners or collaborators have access to users’ personal data. All commercial notifications will be sent by Brački kamen d.o.o. and will relate to products and services within the company’s business sector. Users can unsubscribe from all subscribed services by clicking on the Subscriptions section.

How Brački kamen d.o.o. uses my personal data

The website employs data protection technologies such as firewalls, access control procedures, and cryptographic mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to data and ensure data confidentiality. To achieve these goals, users accept that Brački kamen d.o.o. collects data for access control verification purposes.

Brački kamen d.o.o. declares that it has adopted all necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data it processes and to prevent their loss, alteration, and/or unauthorized access by third parties.

Does Brački kamen d.o.o. share my personal data?

Brački kamen d.o.o. expressly informs and guarantees users that their personal data will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances and that explicit, informed, and clear consent from the owners will be obtained before disclosing personal data.

My rights regarding the management of my personal data

Brački kamen d.o.o. guarantees users the opportunity to exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure, or objection to the personal data they have provided under the conditions set forth in applicable legislation. Users of the website can exercise these rights by sending a written request, along with a copy of their national identification document, to the address