Who we are?

'Brački kamen d. o. o.' is a concessionnaire of Saint Ann's quarry, which lies within the region of the Donji Humac basin on the island. The enterprise is well equipped with new machines for 'stone-picking' (chain-cutter, diamond saw, drill-probe, pressure pump, air cushions) as well as with big construction machines for the transport and loading of blocks (45-ton bagger and 65-ton loader). The quarry, in addition to that, is fitted out with a complete infrastructure, including public electricity and waterworks and every other machine required for an uninterrupted activity.

What we offer?

The main activity of trade company 'Brački kamen d. o. o.' is eplotation and selling stone blocks

Trade name of our stone is "Avorio Argento" (high quality Brač limestone) and it's known since ancient (olden) times. A lot of buildings are made of it, in croatia but alson in the world.

Stone blocks of our arhitectural construction stone are in bigger dimensions which represents the main advantage for their further processing.